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Founded in 1990, Evet is a family-owned company specializing in commercial spaces. We offer our clients a comprehensive service concept from design to implementation and maintenance. We create functional, precise, and durable solutions for a wide range of customer spaces, including stores, pharmacies, hotels, and restaurants.


Over the past 34 years, we have renovated over 2 500 customer spaces in Finland and abroad.



The foundation for renovating a customer space is usually a ready-made concept from a design agency or the client's clear vision of the desired environment. Together, we create a comprehensive plan to build furniture that supports the business and to implement the desired customer space that attracts attention.

We consider the possibilities of reusing old, existing furniture and choosing suitable (and sustainable) materials. With precise technical design, we ensure that the products fit perfectly in their designated places in the store or other commercial space.

Pen and paper
Technical design


We create customized spaces and furniture tailored to the client's needs and business. We renovate entire customer spaces, individual departments, and shop-in-shops, as well as build eye-catching and attractive display furniture, lighted signs, brand stands, entrances, and everything in between. Don't hesitate to ask for our help in bringing your idea to life!


Our services also include all types of surface renovations, decals, and, of course, furniture assembly and installation. Additionally, we arrange transportation to the customer's premises in collaboration with our partners.

It is our goal to free up the customer's resources for more important tasks. Our own experienced and professional installers ensure that the final result is polished and as has been agreed beforehand. Installations and renovations can be scheduled to cause minimal disruption to the business (e.g. at night).

Sokos Kaari cash register
Olvi Hard seltzer
Albina neon sign


3D visualization
1v (14).jpg

Once a mutual understanding of the desired outcome is established, we visualize the solution in 3D. 3-dimensional designing as a method allows us to experiment with different shapes, colors and shades, and measurements that the customer may be interested in.

3D visualization is essential for enabling the making of informed final decisions, as it gives the client the opportunity to see the finished space or furniture before construction even begins. Our 3D professionals are happy to visualize both individual pieces of furniture and entire stores or other customer environments at your request!


Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. We take care of our customers even after the work is completed! We make repairs and facelifts as needed and handle any problems to ensure the end result is satisfactory.

The world is changing, and so are the needs of businesses. Evet is committed to keeping furniture and customer environments up-to-date and modern.


Even small updates can make an old piece of furniture beautiful and interesting; it's not always necessary to build something entirely new.

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