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We want to be a genuinely responsible and helpful partner to our customers, using common sense in our business operations. We take our customers' success, cost management, and environmental protection seriously.


Explore our operating principles and the certificates we have been awarded below.

Evet van


Evet's purpose is not solely to sell new furniture and solutions. We seek a way to renovate customer environments that is genuinely cost-effective and smart. With careful planning and designing, we can reuse old furniture and create new spaces that support the customer's business idea while being kind to the wallet.


We offer storage services to our chain customers, enabling the repair and updating of old furniture. Furniture at the end of its life cycle is disposed of by sorting materials and recycling them. This approach helps us minimize waste and contribute to a more sustainable world.


Our environmental actions are also our customers' environmental actions. We use solar and bioenergy in our production, and in our logistics, we utilize electric and gas vehicles. Our central location ensures short distances from production to the customer. As a domestic operator, we prefer Finnish materials and labor.



Green promise

Evet actively protects the environment and aims to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment. We reduce the amount of mixed waste through careful and thorough sorting. We offer environmentally friendly alternatives to our customers and encourage our suppliers to act in an environmentally friendly manner, for example, by prioritizing sustainable materials.

We generate environmentally friendly energy with a solar power system on the roof of our production facility in Vantaa. In our store furnishings, we encourage customers to choose options that can be repurposed, for example, by branding them for reuse.

We recycle furniture using our outlet webpage for used store furnishings, extending their lifecycle and reducing the amount of waste. We showcase our environmental values on social media and our website.


Strongest in Finland Gold

Strongest in Finland companies are the pillars of the Finnish economy.

The certificate signifies positive financial indicators, creditworthiness, background information, and good payment behavior of the company.

reliable partner.png

Reliable partner

Evet is a Reliable Partner, trustworthy and efficient partner in collaboration.

We are an honest and competitive operator, fulfilling our obligations.

Ecocompass_logo_EN_RGB (1)_edited.jpg


The Ecocompass certificate is evidence of an organization's commitment to its environmental responsibility. It is awarded when a company has built an environmental management system and passed the audit.

FSC logo


Since 2024, Evet has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC in short).


With FSC certification, we demonstrate that the wood-based material in our furniture is produced responsibly.

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